When thinking about adding a puppy to your new family, it’s not only important to look at the puppy’s personality but also the personality of each family member. Make sure the puppy’s personality will jive with each member to ensure a good fit.

This is especially important with a baby. So far, we’ve been lucky with baby Sadie who rarely cries and is generally a very happy, chill baby. Knocks on wood. If you have a baby that’s already a handful, you might want to consider an older, well-trained dog or just wait until your baby is a few years older.

Another key consideration is your and your spouse’s personality, specifically the amount of stress you both can handle. If you already feel like you have a lot on your plate and adding one more thing would make you fall apart… you have your answer.

As for the puppy’s personality, I will reiterate that it’s a good idea to give dogs some time to settle in to your lifestyle. Then their true personality will start to shine through and you can determine whether this is the dog for you.

If after a week or so of fostering a puppy you’re still unsure whether you can handle it, it might not be the right time to commit to getting a dog.


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