When considering whether to get a dog, allergies are more top of mind for me because I have pretty bad allergies. Most of them are outdoor but I am also severely allergic to dogs that shed. When I walk into a room with a long-haired dog, within 2 minutes I can barely breathe and am likely to have a full on sneezing attack – it’s very attractive.

With a baby, you don’t know what allergies may show up. This is why I highly recommend having your baby take some short visits with dogs (perhaps with dogs of friends or family) to see how they appear to handle it physically. Then, if you decide to foster a dog, continue to look for any signs of allergies before you commit to keeping the dog long-term.

Wally worked perfectly for our family’s allergies because he has short, wiry hair and rarely sheds. No one showed any signs of allergies when we first met Wally or during the week we fostered him. However, even low-shed dogs shed some hair so no matter what kind of dog you decide to get, it’s important to keep your dog healthy and clean as well as your home so that you can all live comfortably together.

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