Special Occasions and Visitors

This past weekend we christened baby Sadie and were happy to have friends and familiy witness the occasion. To prepare, I changed Sadie’s schedule two weeks before the event to a schedule that mimicked what we would do that day (in terms of eating, naps, and awake time). This held true for my puppy Wally as well (in terms of when he was taken out and on walks).
Between long days and seeing lots of people, special occasions can be overwhelming for babies and puppies. To help tone it down for Sadie, I tried to have her visit with only one or two people at a time and reserved certain moments like bath time just for us so she had some time to decompress. Since we weren’t always home, I let go of the “naps are always in bed” rule and let her sleep in someone’s arms or her car seat so she could get the sleep she needed.

Wally was very excited to meet so many people. It was hard for him to see everyone rushing to give the baby attention while he was left alone. Luckily, my sister-in-law loved petting him. If you notice your dog acting up because they feel left out when visitors come, make sure your dog gets some positive attention as well.

It was also important to keep reiterating our house rules so people knew not to let Wally lick. I wasn’t perfect at that but highly recommend letting guests know the rules right when they arrive. This way your dog doesn’t have the chance to misbehave and believe they can get away with breaking the rules around certain guests for the rest of the visit.

Finally, when you’re playing host and taking care of a baby and a puppy, remember to delegate. Typically, family and friends will be willing to help out. Playing to their strengths will help you get everything done on time and keep everyone happy.

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