My Backstory

I grew up in Atlanta, went to college at Miami University in Ohio, and then lived in Chicago for 2 1/2 years. While there, I worked in market research and consulting for healthcare companies and became a certified yoga teacher. Also during this time, I got engaged, got pregnant, got married, and had a beautiful baby girl, Sadie. When Sadie turned 4 months old, my husband and I moved back to Atlanta. Right now my full-time job is staying at home to take care of Sadie and our new puppy, Wally.

I am not an expert on babies or puppies. My experience with babies comes from helping take care of my brother (who is 10 years my junior) and babysitting neighborhood children. I have experience taking care of dogs through the dogs my family had growing up and volunteer work at animal shelters. Despite my lack of expertise, I want to share my experience of having a baby and a puppy to potentially help other moms in similar situations who have as many questions as I do.


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