There are a lot of baby contraptions out there and lots of advice on which to choose. I mainly use the exersaucer doorway jumper, the bright starts walk-a-bout, and the baby bjorn carrier one for baby Sadie. These help keep both her and my puppy, Wally, entertained and help me get things done around the house. Here is how I typically use these devices.

IMG_8411When I need to cook or clean in the kitchen, I like to place Sadie in the jumper in our pantry doorway. She loves bouncing around in the seat and she can see what I’m doing. Wally enjoys laying down in front of her so he can watch and be with everyone. At first, Wally was very curious about how the jumper brought Sadie to his height and would pace around her; for the first week or so, I’d always sit right in front of her, talk to them both, pet him, and let him see it was okay.


Sadie loves her walk-a-bout because she can stand in it and it has lots of fun toys to motivate her forward. I sometimes use the time
Sadie is in her walker to throw toys for Wally because it’s entertaining for both him and Sadie (she loves to watch!). Other times I vacuum or dust while playing some music and dancing around – which they both also find very entertaining.

IMG_8426Everyday, Sadie and I take Wally to the dog park in our apartment complex. (awesome, right?) To make it easier for me to manage him and play with him, I put Sadie in the baby bjorn. I face her out so she can see everything and I talk about what Wally is doing. She loves watching him fetch and play with other dogs. Wally has also learned that the baby bjorn means we’re going to the dog park so he gets very excited when I put it on!


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