Bath time is a fun and important activity for everyone in the family. Baths help Sadie wind down for the night, they keep Wally free of fleas, and they help me feel refreshed and like a real person. Here is how I make baths manageable for Sadie, Wally, and myself.

Me and Sadie (at 5 months) after her bath
Me and Sadie (at 5 months) after her bath

Sadie loves her bath time (and all things involving water for that matter). During her bath, I sing songs like my version of “Splish Splash Sadie’s Taking a Bath” and our own special shampoo song. She also plays with fun toys like her rubber ducky and animals that pour water out of their noses. While Sadie’s in the tub, Wally usually sits right by my side or goes and lays in the corner of her bathroom. Sometimes he will nudge me, and as long as I pet him or say, “Hi Wally,” he is content.

Sadie in her chair
Sadie in her chair

Wally is very unsure about taking baths. He usually looks like he’s trying to jump out so I hold onto him and block him inside the tub. He also shakes a lot so I wear something I don’t care about getting wet. I put Sadie within arms reach in her chair which keeps her entertained and dry. Once Wally has been shampooed and rinsed, he loves being dried off with his towel. Then he runs around like a wild man showing everyone how handsome he looks. Sadie is bewildered by this behavior so I usually pick her up while he darts around like crazy.

When I need to shower and my husband isn’t home, I put Sadie in her chair right outside the shower. We play peek-a-boo with the curtain and I talk to her the whole time. Wally will stick his head in occasionally and otherwise plays with his toys at the bathroom door. I typically keep stuff off the floor and the bedroom door closed and so he doesn’t have a ton of places to go and make mischief (only giving him access to our bathroom and bedroom). I keep the bathroom door open so that it doesn’t get too steamy for Sadie. Once I dry off and get out of the shower, I take Sadie out of her chair so the two of them can play on the rug while I get ready for the day.


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