When we considered getting a puppy, it was very important to ensure we could afford one. Our expenses had already grown after baby Sadie was born and we were still getting used to our new budget. We looked at both the upfront costs and the long term costs of getting a puppy before we decided we could handle it financially.

Here is how the costs actually turned out:

Upfront Costs
Paid in the first month
-Adoption Fee $0
-Micro-chip installation $5
-Bowls $15
-Collar $20
-Leash $30
-Bed $50
-Vaccines $75
-Deworming $80
-Spay/Neuter $100
-Crate $140
-Total $515

“Long Term” Costs
Paid so far this year 
-Training $0
-Flea Control $40
-Grooming $40
-Vaccines $50
-New Shoes (he ate mine) $100
-Toys & Treats $100
-Boarding $200
-Food $350
-Total $880

I also recommend checking out Pet Education for a more detailed breakout. Although we probably underestimated how much Wally would cost, he makes up for it in love and cuteness.


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