Unexpected Things That Made Going Back to Work Easier

I’ve been a working mom for almost a month now. I’ll be the first to admit it has been really hard leaving my 14 month old baby, Sadie, and my puppy, Wally, after being their main caretaker for so long. Here are a few unexpected things I found that made the transition easier:

1. It’s a lot easier to be away when you have a caretaker you trust.

We lucked out with our nanny. Everyone warned me I wouldn’t be able to find a good nanny right away so I was nervous about it. Our nanny is also a mom, a grandmother, and used to be a kindergarten teacher. She was the only nanny I interviewed that Sadie smiled at and she was the only one who got on the ground to play with Sadie. At first she was a little timid with Wally, but after a few days of shadowing I saw she could handle him and he started to calm down around her.

*If you decide to return to work and keep your baby and puppy at home (as opposed to day care), it’s important that your care taker can handle both the baby and the puppy. This way you come home to a happy nanny and happy little ones.

Since our nanny started full-time, Sadie and Wally both have transitioned well to me working. Each day, the nanny gives me a sheet describing how the day went. She’s overall such a nice person and I’ve had little to no problems with how she runs the house when I’m gone.

2. You get your routine down.

The first week or so the mornings were a mess because I wasn’t used to getting ready and taking care of Sadie in such a short time. My husband and I re-adjusted our responsibilities until we found something that worked. Now that we’ve done it consistently, everything runs a lot smoother. Plus, Sadie and Wally have become accustomed to the new morning routine.

3. The crying stops.

The first two weeks Sadie cried as I was leaving. To make it worse, one or two times I forgot something, so I had to go back inside and hear her really crying. That was awful and broke my heart. Driving away on those days was one of the harder things I’ve done.

Then, the nanny had a great idea to let Sadie watch my husband and I walk outside through the window and have us wave at each other. This let her say goodbye again and see us get into our cars which she somehow finds comforting. I forgot something another time after we started this routine (Mrs. Forgetful over here) and Sadie was happily playing with the nanny – no crying.

4. The hugs.

Ever since I started work, both Sadie and Wally have been a lot more loving. In the morning, right when Sadie wakes up she likes to cuddle for 10-15 minutes in her rocking chair. She always hugs me goodbye before I leave for work and when I get home from work, she runs up to me with the biggest smile that melts my heart and gives me a big hug. Wally is also so excited when I come home he can barely contain himself. He’s really sweet to me at night and will lay on my feet or come put his head on the couch to say hello. I really didn’t expect this one and it makes me so happy.

Although going back to work is still tough when you leave little ones at home, I promise you’ll find good things too! Feel free to share anything you or your friends have found in the comments section. 🙂


One thought on “Unexpected Things That Made Going Back to Work Easier

  1. Hi Paige,

    I can relate to this! Waving goodbye is a great idea and prepares her to look forward to your arrival.

    I remember my nanny days… Lisa would be sad if I didn’t wake her up to say goodbye to her mommy. Then a phone or video call will help her bring up a big smile again. 🙂


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