Hair Care

A lot of the un-glorified work you do as a mom is ‘body management.’ With the seasons changing, I’ve started trying some new things related to hair care to help keep my little ones cool and happy.

img_0352Both my toddler, Sadie, and my puppy, Wally, have grown their hair out! Growing Sadie’s hair out was intentional, but it’s growing right into her face so she can’t see unless I pin it back. She has very fine hair so most scrunchies and clips slide out. The best solution I’ve found are Goody Ouchless Ponytailers. They stay in and don’t pull Sadie’s hair when I take them out. If I use other hair accessories, I hold the hair in front of her ponytail so she doesn’t feel the pull when I take them out (as shown in the picture). She still looks at me with a wary eye when I do this, but she doesn’t fight me so I’ll say it works.

Wally’s face Before & After

Wally’s hair had gotten so long he couldn’t really see! He also wouldn’t run outside for very long because he would get too hot too quickly. I was planning to take him to the groomer at our vet but when I called, they informed me the groomer left their practice. I decided to brave the process myself instead of getting all of his paperwork together and finding another groomer. The key was getting him nice and tired first. Then, I took him to the bathroom, closed the door (so he wouldn’t try to escape), and started to cut! I used small scissors for around his eyes and a clipper for his back. His back hair was so long I needed 3/8 inch clippers. I kept telling him how good he was and saying positive words of encouragement to keep him calm. I think he looks much better and seems happier and cooler.

How do you manage summer hair? Any other amazing hair products I should check out (for toddlers, dogs, or moms!)? Please share your comments below!



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