Being Proactive

Despite our efforts to prevent our puppy, Wally, from pooping in the house (detailed here), he continued to do so for a couple more weeks. He almost always went at night and in the same spot.

I decided to take him to the vet just to make sure he was not sick. First, when I dropped him off, I got what I can only describe as a judgy scolding for not having him on a heartworm preventative or flea medicine (whoops). Then, once they performed all of their tests, we discovered Wally had hookworm. We put him on dewormer right away. I felt really terrible Wally had been sick for weeks and we hadn’t realized it. Once the medicine took effect, his behavior went back to normal. I still block off “his spot” at night because I think he can still smell his scent there despite all the bleach and cleaner I used – I’d rather be safe than wake up to poop!

We also started Wally on preventative medicine our vet recommended to protect him from getting any more worms (heart or intestinal) or fleas. This is the second type of intestinal worm Wally contracted in less than a year so I strongly believe being proactive will be worth it. Deworming is expensive and not fun for anyone – although neither is getting worms in the first place!

When Wally was sick and had an accident, I’d always completely clean the affected area before my toddler, Sadie, came into the room. I used bleach but my vet told me any disinfectant would have prevented harm from coming to Sadie. I was lucky to have my husband to keep her busy and happy while I cleaned up the mess. If he had not been there, I probably would have stuck her in the playpen; I have no doubt she would have tried to get into it (yuck!).

I highly recommend keeping your dog on preventative medicine for worms and fleas. It will keep them healthy and happy and make you feel secure that they are ok! 


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