New Homes

This past week, our family moved to a new home. My husband and I decided to find a new place instead of renewing the lease on our current apartment. We actually started looking so early, that some places wouldn’t give us a tour! We learned that when renting in Atlanta, you have a lot more luck if you look 30-60 days out from your expected move-in date and you have to jump on something you like right away (otherwise it will get snatched up before you can even go look!). We finally found a condo for rent that we loved and decided to commit to for the next year.

When looking for a home with a toddler and a dog, here are some good must have’s to consider:

  • Good places to go outside and walk/play
  • Easy access for any at-home care you plan to keep
  • A layout that gives your toddler a nice quiet space (i.e. away from loud noises like washer/dryer)
  • A bathtub
  • Easy way to carry car seat and/or groceries from car
  • Cabinets that can be baby-proofed

We decided to move-in a month before our current lease ended so we could slowly bring our things over and get our toddler, Sadie, and our dog, Wally, used to the new place. If you have the ability to do this, I highly recommend it. The transition went very smoothly for both Sadie and Wally because they already felt comfortable and at home once we officially moved.

Our official move was low-stress because we only had to focus on the big furniture since all the small/breakable/other things like dishes and clothes were already at the new place. We also were very lucky to have my sister watch Sadie the day we moved — thank you!!!  This allowed Sadie to get the attention she needed and made it so I could be a true partner to my husband during the move.

A tired Sadie after moving

Moving takes a lot of work and is tiring for everyone. It’s frustrating but can also make you appreciate things you haven’t in a while. It made me grateful for how excellent my husband is at packing (must be all the Tetris). It made me proud of how well-behaved Sadie and Wally were during the whole process. And most of all, it made me excited to share this wonderful new place with my family.


Please share your thoughts below! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂


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