Is It Worth It to Get a Dog When You Have a Baby?

Today marks a year since we brought our dog Wally into our home. Reflecting on our decision to get a puppy with a 6 month-old baby, I’m so happy we did it. Yes, there have been some growing pains like teaching him the house rules and learning how to set him up for success. But he’s become a part of our family and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fit for us.

wally anniversary

Wally and Sadie are like siblings – he’s taught her to love dogs, how to behave around dogs, and how to share. She’s taught him to be protective, to be kind and patient, and to stay quiet in the house (he doesn’t bark).

Sadie will come home from an outing, immediately run to Wally’s crate and then wait there until you let him out. She loves taking him outside with me, giving him treats, and getting kisses. She’ll walk around holding out her hand saying “Nine, nine, nine,” – that’s her word for Wally – because she wants him to come lick her hand. She will bring Wally his toys and can throw them for him too. She runs around the house with him, giggling the whole time. She looks for him when she wakes up, she always wants to know where he is (and usually he’s close by), and she pets him goodnight. Their relationship makes me so happy it makes the whole thing more than worth it.

Wally is also very attached to me. If I were to describe him in 2 words, I’d call him attentive and loyal. He’s always so happy to see me and will sit as close to me as possible. When I settle down for the night and finally sit on the couch, he’ll come over and rest his head on my lap or sleep at my feet. It’s a comfort to have him around, especially when it’s just Sadie and I.

Even though we still have challenges as our home life continues to change, Wally consistently gives us as much love as he can – I’m really grateful to have him in my life.