A Toy for Wally

Our puppy Wally turned 2 years-old this week! Of course I wanted to get something special for him, but what to get? It wasn’t an easy choice:

  1. Wally has a super sensitive stomach so I couldn’t make him pupcakes.
  2. He destroys (and eats) any toy I buy for him. Literally every toy. (Despite any claims of being indestructible).
  3. All the treats I’ve gotten for him so far have not agreed with his tummy.


Despite all feelings of hopelessness, I decided to browse the dog toy aisle in Target anyway (I mean it’s Target, it has everything right?) and lo and behold I found something new!


The Petstages Dogwood Toy Chew Stick was perfect for Wally because it was something he could chew/destroy that safely came apart and didn’t irritate his tummy. Disclaimer: I did give it to him for small periods of time so he didn’t eat the whole thing in one sitting. But either way, we had no tummy troubles and a very happy, occupied puppy. I strongly recommend this product to any other dog moms out there with destructive¬†chewers!