Adult Week Part II

Adult week is over and I’m so excited to see my babies and thankful for the time my husband and I had together.

The first 3 days were so fun and we really lived up the freedom. I slept so much! I did not realize how much I missed sleep. We had delicious meals at restaurants we’d been meaning to try. I even went to a couple yoga classes! (Finally… I used to teach yoga – Yikes!)

It was nice to realize I really don’t miss going out to drink. We had plenty of opportunities to hit it hard, but when it came down to it we both wanted to relax at home in our comfy clothes! Sometimes when I know can’t go out I wonder what I’m missing but this free time confirmed that I’ve really moved past that part of my life.

We FaceTimed Sadie twice a day so we could see each other and on day 4 Sadie cried when she saw us. 😦 I kept a positive attitude so she could see everything was ok and my MIL confirmed she was happy afterwards. It was hard because I started to question if we were going to be away for too long. After some reflection, I decided to focus on enjoying the time I had with my husband instead of moping. We only had 2 more days!

When we finally reunited with Sadie and Wally, the pure joy was amazing to experience. Sadie was practically squealing with delight and wanted to show me everything she loved around her Nana’s house. She kept running up to me at random and giving me hugs. It was so cool to see how much she had changed and learned in just under a week! Wally was so sweet and stayed right by my side. He got along very well with my in-law’s 3 dogs and was happy to have play mates!

I recommend taking some adult time when you can. The length of time doesn’t have to be as long as a week, but it’s really nice to have some time to reconnect with your own needs and have more time with your spouse; you’ll be amazed to see how adaptable your little ones can be and the things they pick up when they’re with other people.

Adult Week

Christmas is fast approaching and like many, we have lots of plans. Some of our plans are fairly complicated.

My mother-in-law graciously (and perhaps without realizing exactly what she was signing up for) offered to make the 13-hour drive up to Philadelphia with Sadie, our almost 2 year-old daughter, and Wally, our 2 year-old puppy, a week in advance of my husband and I. At first, I was upset about the idea of missing all that time with my babies around the holidays but then my husband smartly pointed out – we could have an adult week.


This got me onboard pretty quickly. We have a whole list of silly things we plan to do that you just can’t do as easily with kids (eat later, go to the movies on a weeknight, work out together, sleep in, etc.)

My mother-in-law is also the main caretaker when my husband and I go to work, so she knows how to keep Sadie & Wally happy, she can keep their schedule, and they are both very comfortable with her. Luckily Wally has been to my in-law’s before and got along with their dogs, but they’ve still promised to be cautious in re-introducing the dogs (keep them on leashes when they first see each other and slowly increase the time they spend out together).

After the week is over I’ll check back in to let you know how it went! (for us and the little ones) Hopefully everything stays merry and bright.