Homemade Sesame Street Birthday Invitations

My daughter’s second birthday is coming up and I can’t believe it! She loves everything Sesame Street right now, so I am excitedly planning a Sesame Street birthday party that I hope she’ll love. To keep with my theme, I sent out homemade Sesame Street invitations.

I ordered invitations last year which seemed like a huge waste of money for such a small party (~8 people). Plus, this activity let me get more creative and personalize them for Sadie!

Here is how to make the invitations:

For 10 invitations, you will need –

5 sheets of colored paper (could be stripes, polka-dots, balloons, sesame street characters, etc.)

10 white cards

10 envelopes (that fit the white cards

2 sheets each of yellow, green, red, and blue cardstock

1 pair of scissors

1 dark pen (or a printer if you choose to print)

1 white paint pen

Double-sided tape

4 cut-outs (you will need to make) for outline of card, back of street sign, front rectangle on street sign, and front semi-circle on street sign

1 circular cutter (not pictured)

Step 1. Trace your cut-out on the multi-colored paper and cut it out.

Step 2. Tape your multi-colored cut-out onto your white card stock paper.

Step 3. Trace the large street sign cut-out on yellow paper and cut it out. Trace the two smaller street sign cut-outs on green paper and cut them out. Cut out red and blue circles with your circle cutter.

Step 4. Use the white paint pen to write on your street sign and circle cut-outs. Set aside to dry.

Step 5. Write (or print out) your invitation wording.

Step 6. Tape your street sign together and then tape to the top of the card. Tape circle cut-outs to the back of your card.

Happy mailing!


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